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Sometimes, I Should Just Stick With A Good Memory


I was moving my youngest daughter back to school in Chico recently and found there was a Shakey’s Pizza in Oroville. I have fond memories of Shakeys Pizza.  There was a Shakey’s in the next town where I grew up in the Bay Area.  When I went to Cal Poly in the late 70’s/early 80’s, there was a Shakey’s in San Luis Obispo. It was on Olive Street where the Round Table Pizza is today.  Shakey’s had a lunch buffet called “Bunch-A-Lunch” with pizza, chicken, and mojo potatoes. They would put a coupon in the Telegram Tribune for  $2.35 (don’t know what the normal price was, maybe $2.75? ). Back then, I worked at the Cal Poly Bookstore and a group of us would go to Shakey’s for lunch.  They played ESPN on a TV when ESPN first went on the air and before it was on the local cable system  (Sonic Cable).  It was pretty cool to see sports I never saw before (rugby was one I remember) while chowing down on  good pizza and chicken.

So, I got excited to see a Shakey’s near Chico and decided to go there for lunch. They didn’t have Bunch-A-Lunch which was the first bummer so I ordered a salami pizza (one of my favorites).  When I got it, I felt like a little kid at Xmas. My daughter took the photo below on my phone when we got the pizza and before I took my first bite.


That’s when things went south. I took a bite and it had to be the WORST pizza I’ve had in a long time. If I was to take a guess, they no longer use the same pizza sauce and opted for a cheaper version.  What a bummer!  I go to Straw Hat Pizza in Santa Maria once in awhile and it has the same taste as I remember growing up but not Shakey’s.

I should have stuck with the memories in this case. Now I have good memories about Shakey’s…and one bad one.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile