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Someone emailed me the other day asking why I was so hung up on EMPTY FLYER BOXES?

Here’s why…

Recent studies have shown the top 3 ways Buyers found out about the home they purchased were:

1) The Internet
2) A Realtor
3) The Yard Sign

Beyond those, everything else is in the noise level these days (newspaper, open houses, real estate magazines, friend/relative, auction, etc.).

So, if you want to have a good shot at selling a home you need to make sure you do a good job with the Top 3. You need a good presentation of the home and lots of Internet exposure. You should also do things specfically targeted at other Realtors, such as a property website that another Realtor will send to their prospective Buyer. In this case, the property website shouldn’t have the Listing Agents name/brokerage on it as other Realtors don’t want to send stuff to their clients with another Realtors name (or photo) on it.

For the Yard Sign, one benefit is to have the Brokerage name on the sign recognized by Buyers. Remember that a lot of Buyers are coming from out of the area so choosing a nationwide brokerage is your best bet (Century 21 is the most recongized name in real estate).

Then there is the FLYER BOX.

If you get a Buyer that is out looking and they drive by your home, you want them to take away something for them to remember your home. You want a good brochure with GREAT photos. If you have an empty box, you may have lost a potential Buyer.

Also, an empty flyer box sends the message to some that “this home may already be sold”. That’s another way to lose a prospective Buyer.

So, to me an empty flyer box is ANTI-MARKETING. If a Listing Agent doesn’t want to put any effort in keeping the flyer box full, they aren’t providing an adequate service and I’d CANCEL the listing if your agreement allows you to since it’s not helping you one bit.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile