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Some recent stories from the Trib…

– Grover Beach is trying to figure out where it’s going to get the money to fix the city streets. 236 blocks out of 285 are in need of repair and is estimated it will cost $10 million. The recent sales tax increase of 1/2 percent will contribute $240,000 a year to street repair so they need to come up with some other ways to tax property owners to foot the bill.

– When I lived in the Bay Area and vacationed on the Central Coast multiple times a year, my daugthers always wanted to visit Tom Toys in downtown SLO. It was reported today that Tom’s will become a discount toy store beginning next month, with savings up to 50%. It will be renamed Tom’s Discount Toys.

– A new 69-room oceanfront hotel in downtown Pismo is planned to open in 2009. It will be located in the area where the 13 little rental cottages are today between the SandCastle Inn and the pier parking lot. They will also tear down that building behind it where cars are being parked in currently. It will also have 81 underground parking spaces. The name…Beachwalk Inn. Ground breaking is scheduled for February.

– SLO County population grew 1,500 residents from 2005 to 2006. The 2006 census number is 257,005. The County population has grown 4.2% from 2000 while the state average was 7.6%.

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