So What’s Selling and Where??

I looked at the 168 homes currently Pending Sale in SLO County. Here’s the breakdown:

Cambria – 9 homes (Two 2-bedroom, Three 3-bedroom, One 4-bedroom)
Cayucos – 3 homes (Three 2-bedroom)
Morro Bay – 8 homes (One 2-bedroom, Six 3-bedroom, One 4-bedroom)
Los Osos – 8 homes (One 2-bedroom, Four 3-bedroom, Two 4-bedroom, One 5- bedroom)
San Luis Obispo – 17 homes (Three 2-bedroom, Six 3-bedroom, Seven 4-bedroom, One 5- bedroom)
Avila Beach – 1 home (One 3-bedroom)
Pismo Beach – 8 homes (One 2-bedroom, Five 3-bedroom, Two 4-bedroom)
Grover Beach – 8 homes (Two 2-bedroom, Four 3-bedroom, Two 4-bedroom)
Arroyo Grande – 21 homes (Two 2-bedroom, Nine 3-bedroom, Eight 4-bedroom, Two 5- bedroom)
Oceano – 3 homes (Three 3-bedroom)
Nipomo – 21 homes (Eleven 3-bedroom, Seven 4-bedroom, Three 5- bedroom)
Atascadero – 12 homes (Nine 3-bedroom, Three 4-bedroom)
Templeton – 8 homes (Four 3-bedroom, Four 4-bedroom)
Santa Margarita – 1 home (One 4-bedroom)
Paso Robles – 32 homes (Three 2-bedroom, Fourteen 3-bedroom, Ten 4-bedroom, Five 5- bedroom)

And the average Days on Market (DOM) for all these Pendings is….129 Days (or about 4 months, 1 week).