has record month

Both unique visitors to the site and visits to my Blog hit record highs in March. The site received 21,114 unique visitors for the month while the Blog had 3,921 visits!

I’m always looking at ways to keep improving the site. The vendor that provides the Online Home Valuation is in beta test with a new tool that I hope to have up on the site within the next few months. I’m also looking to add more guests to the blog that can share their expertise on real estate-related items. Stay tuned! continues to grow in popularity. For the month of July, I had over 42,000 visits or 1,368 average visits per day.

While 94.38% of the visitors are from the United States, there are quite a few visiting from out of the country. Here is a list of the top accessing countries (for July 06).

United Kindom

There are some further down the list that I need to lookup to see where they are:
Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Mauritius, Brunei Darussalam, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Qatar is one of the busiest websites in SLO County!

According to’s traffic rankings, not only is the most visited Central Coast real estate site but one of the most visited Central Coast-related websites.

Here are the Alexa traffic rankings as of today for some area websites (lower number is better):

23,331 –
32,560 – (the Trib)
122,567 –
128,092 – !!!
189,233 –
235,769 –
338,200 – (another one of my sites!)
347,452 –
383,341 –
433,215 – (Pismo Beach Chamber vistors site)
529,746 –
589,378 –
632,371 – (SLO Chamber)
1,970,050 –
2,217,032 –
2,502,793 – (South County newspaper)
3,691,586 –
4,102,395 –

Most local real estate websites traffic rank is in the 2,000,000 – 5,000,000 range. I have never seen a site ranked higher than 5 million. I think Alexa stops at 5 million and will just say “No Data” for these websites traffic ranking rather than putting in a value.

To check the traffic ranking of a website, go to Click on Traffic Ranking at the top, then enter the website address. had a record 20,158 visitors in the month of May!

We had visitors from 40 countries outside the United States. The countries paying the most visits were (in order):

– Netherlands
– Canada
– Germany
– United Kindom
– France
– Japan
– Poland
– Australia

We even had visitors from Estonia, Samoa, and the Tonga.

It pays to be high up in the Search Engines!!! had a record 18,056 visitors in April. This averages out to be 582 visitors a day!

The most popular pages on are:

1) MLS Search
2) Real estate blog
3) City statistics