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No Comments Continues to Grow!

I just ran the analysis for the August website stats and our site continues to grow in popularity.  For August, we have over 600,000 views of MLS listings!   I’d bet that we have more local listing views than Zillow,, Trulia, or any other real estate web site with Central Coast listings.

We also had millions and millions of “hits” in August but that’s a meaningless statistic.  “Hits” count the amount of graphics that are downloaded when a web page is loaded in a browser. You can have a home page with a bunch of small graphics (like buttons or bullets).  Each time that home page is loaded, every graphic on that page counts as a “hit”.  Someone can create a web page with a bunch of small graphics on it and then sit at their desk and hit the “refresh” button on their browser over and over. Just 10 minutes doing this and you can run up the hit count by many thousands.  This is what some webmasters did in the early 1990’s to make it look like there were a lot of visitors coming to their site and impress their bosses.

If you see anyone using “hits” to promote their website,  you need to ask for other stats.  Unique visitors, bounce rate, search engine click-throughs, pages visited, and other statistics are used to analyze a web site’s performance.

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