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SLO Ranked #4 for College Towns

The California Planning and Development Report ranked San Luis Obispo as the #4 College Town in California. Here’s what they said:

“4. San Luis Obispo. There is no question that SLO is one of the best small downtowns in California. And there’s no question that a lot of that has to do with the fact that it’s a college town. The college kids create a local market for downtown businesses – and the college kids want to stick around after school, so they are often underemployed in downtown retail businesses or launch their own startups so they don’t have to move. But the downtown and the college aren’t seamlessly integrated, like they are in Davis, Chico, and Berkeley. Cal Poly is a pretty typical ’60s California campus – suburban, with mostly undistinguished architecture. And it’s separated from the downtown by an auto-oriented commercial strip.”

Are they referring to upper Monterey Street as the “auto-oriented commercial strip”? Now that the Chrysler dealer moved to South Broad, all that’s left is a single used-car lot.

Read what cities were #1-#3 here (although they are already mentioned in the above paragraph)

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