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SLO Deli – Grinders

I’ve heard about a sandwich shop that had opened in SLO called Grinders but never went to it until today. From the article I read, a Grinder is some East Coast thing. Since I’m a California native and never ran across a Grinder in my trips to the East Coast, I thought it was going to be something like a Philly Cheesesteak or Chicago Pizza, neither I’m very fond of.

What I discovered a Grinder to be is a REALLY big sandwich. They have 2 sizes, regular and half but I’d name them Huge and Big. The regular is 18″, half is 9″. A 9″ comes with 8 oz of meat and they have a “lite” version that comes with 4 oz and is about a dollar cheaper.

If you agree on the same type of sandwich, a half-sandwich would be a meal for 2 people and would be cheaper than 2 footlong subs at Subway. Bread choices are a (soft) french bread, sourdough, or wheat. I got their half Italian Grinder (called East Coast (something)) and it cost me $7.49.

There is limited seating inside so it’s probably better to get it to go, maybe even calling it in ahead of time. It’s at the corner of Broad Street and Upham. If you’re in downtown SLO, get on Broad Street going South and it’s about 7 blocks from Marsh Street.

Check it out!

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile