Voted Best Real Estate Company in SLO County in the 2017 New Times Reader Poll
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Since I added the MLS map search in January, my traffic to my website has almost doubled to over 1200 visitors a day which puts as one of the most visited agent websites in the entire U.S.!

My new listing website, has already received 519 visitors as of late Tuesday night (it’s been up less than a week). I actually have multiple websites that I maintain. Another one of mine,, is also doing very well and is the Top 10 of Google for most real estate keyword searches. I have around a dozen more websites which I use to help people find my main two sites.

If you are looking to sell your home, I know I can provide you with more exposure than any other agent in the area which is even more important now that the market is slowing down. I also create a website targeted at Buyer agents that doesn’t have my contact info on it. This is so Realtors will send my listing information to their prospective Buyers without worrying that my phone number or name is all over it. I’m the only agent that I know of that creates specfic tools to make it easier for other Realtors to sell my listings. The Realtor website is here – I feel this tool is important since there are a lot of part-time agents out there and the more info I can provide them about my listings, the better. It’s a win-win scenario.

What’s great about the Internet is that you can know exactly how many people visited a particular page or site. Something you don’t get with traditional print advertising. If an agent talks about their Internet strategy, ask for statistics. If they can’t provide them to you, that should raise a red flag immediately. With the way the Internet works, over 99% of agent websites will never be seen by Buyers and Sellers. It’s easy to get a website, the challenge is to get people to visit it!

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile