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Seven Creative Ways to Get Your Listings Sold
Did the headline peak your interest? Well it did mine when I received this in my email today from one of the industry Broker Agent news sites. They send out articles from “experts” in the industry. Unfortunately, some of these articles seem like they are written from people that have never sold real estate. In this particular article, here are the “Seven Creative Ways” and my thoughts. You can read the full article here

1) Price it right
Is there anything creative about this one? Every home needs to be priced right or it won’t sell. The author suggests putting a 5% price reduction every 21 days in the Listing Agreement saying to “be agressive”. Hmmm…maybe they should make sure the home has enough exposure first??

2) Build impeccable lead generation and management system
This one has nothing to do about getting a listing sold.

3) Boost your co-op commission
This one just irks me. I pity a Buyer that has a Realtor representing them that is making choices of what properties to show them based on what commission is being offered. This is why Buyers need to be searching for properties on the Internet themselves!

4) Stage it properly
No disagreement with this one (as with #1), but I fail to see where the creativeness comes in.

5) Polish your listing presentation
Huh? How is going after additional listings going to help sell one you already have??

6) Prospect around the neighborhood where you’ve just listed
Is the author trying to sell the listing or telling the agent to look for more listings?

7) Auction the home
Since the target for this article is Realtors, I don’t know why this is even mentioned as no Realtor I know of has done an auction. I’ve read the articles on auctions but they all sound gimmicky to me. When I hear auction, I usually think of something that you can get well below market value.

Sorry, but this article doesn’t come close to what was promised in the headline….

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile