Selling a Home is Stressful

Zillow recently released a survey they did on how selling a home can be stressful on a relationship. Following are some things they found.

Selling Squabbles

A large percent of Millennial sellers, aged 25 to 39, argued with a significant other over selling a home (85 percent) while a smaller share of baby boomer sellers, 55 years and older, argued about the home selling process (54 percent), indicating that life experience – and a higher likelihood of being a repeat seller – may help couples weather the tension that can come with a home sale.

Of couples who argued over the home selling process, a majority (69 percent) fought about at least one of three financial decisions: what price to list the home for, whether to drop the price and whether to accept an offer.

Many also argued over the following hassles of a traditional sale:

  • Whether or not to make repairs (24 percent)
  • Strangers walking through the home during open houses (24 percent)
  • Keeping the house clean for showings (23 percent)
  • Uncertainty over whether the house would sell or not (21 percent)

Previous Zillow research found more than one-third of home sellers cry when selling a home, and more Americans are stressed out by selling a home than they are by planning a wedding or getting fired.  Zillow also found uncertainty caused sellers more stress than showings and repairs.