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Search MLS Sold and Pending Listings

I’m excited to blog about our new MLS listing search that will allow you to search Sold and Pending listings. I just got it from the vendor and I’m testing it before I put it up on the site.

For years it’s been a challenge for me to provide Sold information because of MLS rules. The suit the Department of Justice had against the National Association of Realtors was resolved early this year which gave the green light for Realtors to implement what’s called a Virtual Office Website (or VOW).

Our VOW listing data will be updated at least once a day. So, if a property sells or goes pending sale the day before, you’ll be able to know the details the next day. This is a lot quicker than waiting for the public sold data to become available like Zillow and other sites use which can take weeks or even months before it shows up. Plus, there’s nowhere else to lookup Pending Sale information except from The Keith Byrd Team. You’ll also be able to look at the details of a Sold (or pending) listing and not just the sold date and price.

There is a set of VOW rules that we need to follow. The main rule is that a VOW is for those that have a lawful client-broker relationship. This means that our VOW won’t be available for anonymous searches like our current MLS searches are. We’ll still offer all the other searches we have but for access to the VOW (Solds, Pendings) you’ll need to register first and not be working with another Realtor. If you don’t plan to use The Keith Byrd Team, you’ll need to go ask your Realtor to provide you access to a VOW that they supply as part of their service to their clients.

I hope to post the link to the VOW by the end of this week (hopefully today if I get enough time to test everything!).

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