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“Search MLS” listings just got a bit more complex

The National Association of Realtors today adopted a new policy allowing agents to choose what listings they want displayed on their web site searches. This is in response to the Department of Justice saying that MLSs can’t restrict certain types of listings from the system, such as limited service or MLS-only listings which are FSBOs with MLS advertising. So, instead of the MLSs deciding which the DOJ didn’t like, they are giving the decision to their agent members.

Members can also restrict display of listings based on location and commission offered by the Listing Broker.

One thing I will say now… will display all the listings that are in the data file I receive! I won’t filter out the ones that give lower commissions or listings from a discount broker.

While on this topic, I will add that if a web site advertises “Search ALL the MLS listings” this is false advertising. Brokers can choose not to display any of their listings through public websites (and some choose not to). The listing data I, and everyone other agent gets, is a subset of the total MLS listings. While 99%+ listings are in there, it’s still false advertising to claim that their search includes ALL mls listings. The only way of searching ALL the MLS listings is if an agent searches the system with their valid login. If the agent that is claiming to have ALL MLS listings on their website search is a Realtor, they are also violating one of the Realtor Code of Ethics.

If you’re waiting somewhere and want something to keep you busy (doctors office, DMV, etc.), pick up an issue of a real estate magazine and look for the ads that claim this.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile