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Ryan’s Mortgage/Sore Throat Blog:
I hate to say it but I am pulling the “I’m sick” card this week in defense to this short write up. I have been out of commission for almost a week now with a cold and my brain is in neutral. Anyways, I wanted to bring to your attention a raffle that was forwarded to me via my Northern California Office. A non-profit group for the City of San Rafael is raffling off a $2 million dollar home to help raise money for a variety of services for their community which includes mental health services, early childhood development, HIV/AIDS, food programs, the homeless and more. There are other prizes as well ranging from $300 – $25,000. Each raffle ticket costs $150. Here is the article from the local newspaper that has more details and instructions ….
Back to the topic of being sick and not mortgages because I can do that because I am sick J … I found a home recipe online that actually did help a little for my sore throat. It is just a suggestion, please don’t hold me responsible if it doesn’t work, has adverse effects, or you are allergic to the ingredients. I had a sore throat for 5 days and once I tried this recipe (which could have been strictly coincidence), my sore throat subsided within 12 hours, only to leave me with all the other flu symptoms. Anyways…I boiled some water and poured it in a glass like I was making tea and let it cool for a couple minutes. I added some honey, 2 Table spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and 5 pinches of Cayenne pepper seasoning. The directions said not to let the pepper seasoning dissolve, so you don’t need to stir that in. I actually drank the whole thing the first time and it wasn’t that bad. The next time I just gargled with it because I didn’t feel like drinking that much vinegar was good for you. Anyways, it helped me out a bit and maybe it could help you next time you are sick.
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