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Ryan’s Mortgage Blog:

Your Credit Score is obviously a big part of obtaining a loan and getting a good rate. I have pointed out some tips before, but with tightening guidelines, it is even more important to take care of your credit score now more than ever before. I can’t stress enough to take care of any problems you have with your credit score now instead of waiting until you need a loan. Problems with your report cannot be fixed over night.

There are free services out there that will give you your credit score, but the ones I have used seem to be lacking information or not as accurate compared to the ones I order through our company’s partnering credit agency (CCI – I pay around $15 to get a detailed credit report that even lists all of your lenders names and contact information if you want to dispute something with them. CCI allows us to offer our clients a credit analyzer, rapid rescore, and other services you can check out on their website. As a note, my personal credit card company offers me a free credit score rating every month and also a free report once a year. You may check with yours to take advantage of it, but like I said, it may not be as comprehensive as some others.

If you need help fixing your credit or getting rid of errors/problems, your mortgage broker, such as myself :), can help you. Sometimes it’s as easy as running your credit, giving you advice, and maybe calling your credit company to alert them of an error. Sometimes legal action needs to take place, which your broker can also help you with. But if you want to do it on your own, I have a site that was referred to me by some co-workers and they were pleased with their services. I haven’t used them myself because I like to handle things on my own, but I thought I would share it with you guys because I know not all of you are going to come to me for help. The site is They offer a free 11 page guide to helping you understand your credit and how the score is calculated. The guide also tells you what affects your score (I’ll cheat and give you the list, but I recommend reading the full thing to understand it):

– Previous Credit Performance
– Current level of indebtedness
– Amount of time credit has been in use
– Pursuit of new credit
– Types of credit experience

I have a copy of this guide I can email to you if you didn’t want to go on their site, but I recommend visiting the site because they have some other helpful articles. Enjoy.

I can be reached at Ryan Baker or 805-540-0866.

PS – How beautiful is the weather right now in SLO?! Amazing!

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