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Ryan’s Mortgage Blog:
Just to give you an idea of where rates are at I compared rates our office offered a month ago versus what we offered this morning on a conforming loan. Keep in mind every scenario is different but these figures are based on the exact same loan:
30 days ago
3 Year ARM 5.625%
5 Year ARM 5.875%
7 Year ARM 5.875%
30 Year Fixed 6.125%

3 Year ARM 5.375%
5 Year ARM 5.625%
7 Year ARM 5.625%
30 Year Fixed 5.875%

Below is a mortgage rate trend survey taken by 250 experts on March 5, 2007, supplied by Mortgage-X. I wouldn’t read too into this since things change and these are just opinions, and as you can tell they do not all agree. What I take from it is that these people think the rates are going to stay the same, with no significant changes anytime soon. I won’t post this chart again until I see a noteworthy change, which may or may not be a sign of upcoming rate changes, but it will be neat to see if these “experts” opinions have any correlation with the actual rates.

Over the next 30 days:
rates will rise significantly: 0.0%
rates will rise slightly: 27.6%
rates will remain unchanged: 44.8%
rates will decline slightly: 27.6%
rates will decline significantly: 0.0%

Over the next 90 days:
rates will rise significantly: 3.4%
rates will rise slightly: 20.7%
rates will remain unchanged: 41.4%
rates will decline slightly: 34.5%
rates will decline significantly: 0.0%

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