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Ryan’s Mortgage Blog:
I was bothered recently when I heard a few of my friends had friends either refinance or purchase a home recently without consulting with me first. I would understand if they don’t trust me or think my business is garbage, but I am confident that is not the case. I was upset because if they would have taken a second to tell their friend to contact me, a 5 minute conversation could have saved their friends money and a large headache. I don’t get upset if someone doesn’t choose to use my company or myself, that is their choice and I respect it but I do get bothered when people do any of the following:

1 – Rush into a Mortgage/Refinance
2 – Use a broker they do not know or trust (sometimes this is the only option and can be fine)
3 – Do not ask for a second opinion if they aren’t sure about things

My point is I don’t like to hear of people getting burned. I know I sound like a broken record, but please bear with me. If friends of my friends get a great deal and are satisfied, I am happy for them, end of story. If they get a bad deal, pay too much, etc… I get upset and confused. Why didn’t they ask me if what they were doing was right? I am not saying I know everything but if I can’t answer their question or solve their problem, I will be darned if I couldn’t refer them to someone who could. It doesn’t even have to be me, I am just saying talk to someone besides the original company. I want my friends and their friends, or anyone for that matter to get a good mortgage with good service. I don’t like to hear people getting talked into things they do not want or understand. I guess if they don’t care where their money or investment goes than this is a moot point.

I tell my friends (most already know) and I’ve told you guys…ask me a question and I will answer you honestly and won’t sugar coat anything. If you want to know how much your mortgage should cost, or what type of mortgage would be best for your situation, just ask. If you want to know if Company A’s product is better than Company’s B product, just ask. I don’t charge people for my time, I enjoy helping them! I guess you could say I believe in good Karma. I believe in my company 110% and know we have some of the best products and customer service out there, but I also know sometimes there are better deals out there and I wouldn’t steer you away from there. These friends of friends I was talking about got themselves into a sticky situation and came to me after the fact and now I can’t do anything for them since they signed everything.

The reason I decided to write on this topic (again) was an article I read this morning that was pretty blunt (kind of offensive if you ask me…calling some people “dumb” and “stupid”), but it did make a great point… Check it out here

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or scenarios… or 805-540-0866. .

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