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Ryan’s Mortgage Blog:
I am still up in the Bay Area attending meetings and seminars and thought I would share some useful info that I just read from our company’s “Guide to Mortgage Planing”. It is regarding escrow and typical things that may affect the ability to close a loan successfully and on time. From the time the Loan process begins and escrow closes, a borrower’s information is collected at different intervals. Below is a list of 10 things you should avoid doing before escrow closes:
1. Change employers or quit your job
2. Borrow money from any source
3. Go on vacation…making you unavailable to the lender
4. Get marries, divorces, or go on maternity leave
5. Sell major assets
6. Shift credit card debt from one creditor to another
7. Transfer funds from one account to another
8. Open a new bank account or make large deposits
9. Apply for new credit (no credit checks should occur during the loan process)
10. Purchase a car or shop for a car

If any of these items take place or you plan to have happen during escrow, immediately contact your mortgage consultant. I am trying to see if I can get a PDF version of this informative handbook so I can post it on my website and email it to interested people. I can be reached at 805-540-0866, or

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