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Ryan’s Mortgage Blog:
Hello Everyone….I am very excited to say I am finally back from the Bay Area. As for the market…interest rates are still a bit shaky depending on the lender. While conforming rates rose a little since I last noted, non-conforming/jumbo rates actually stayed the same or even dropped slightly.

For this blog I thought I would post “The Life of a Loan”. This is just an example, not all steps are always followed in this order so don’t worry if your process doesn’t go exactly in this order.

1 – Fill out and sign the loan application.
2 – If applicable, supply all supporting documentation.
3 – If applicable give credit and appraisal fees to loan partner (check made out to 3rd party).
4 – Credit Report is ordered
Appraisal is ordered
Escrow is opened and check is requested
Preliminary Title Report
5 – Loan Approval – All conditions will be gathered from borrower and submitted to lender for approval.
6 – Conditions approved and accepted by lender.
7 – Loan Documents will be ordered and submitted to escrow for signature. Clients and Realtors are called.
8 – Estimated closing costs ordered from escrow for review to ensure expectations are met.
9 – Loan Docs are received by escrow company and borrower is notified to set-up a signing time and location.
10 – Docs are signed and sent to lender to set-up closing.
11 – Funds needed to complete the transaction must be in escrow four days prior to closing.
12 – Loan is funded.

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