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Ryan’s Mortgage Blog:

As usual, rates are all over the board depending on what your scenario is. This has nothing to do with the current market, it’s always like this. Short term rates fluctuate different than long term rates, as well as jumbo vs. conforming, not even taking into other items which I list below. So to compare apples to apples, I will let you know around where the A paper-conforming loans are at. If your loan isn’t in this boat, it is hard to tell where your rate would be at without seeing your scenario individually. Keep in mind these are just current estimates:

3 year ARM 4.875%
5 year ARM 5.0%
30 Year Fixed 5.625%

Non-Conforming (Jumbo):
5 year ARM 6.375%
30 Year Fixed 6.875%

As I stated last week, “conforming” differs from county to county in California, and rates above $417,000 loan amount will differ slightly.

Some items that can influence your rate:

– Credit Score
– Whether your property is your Primary Residence, Investment, or Second Home
– How much loan you need compared to the value of the home (LTV = Loan to Value)
– Assets
– Income
– How many units are on the property
– Whether you are getting cash out (refinance only)
– Did I say credit score?

If you have any questions about any of these topics, feel free to ask. I can be reached at 805-540-0866 or

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