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Ryan’s Blog:
One good thing that comes from being sick is you get caught up on the news pretty quick. After watching hours of MSNBC and Bloomberg I learned one thing; no one has a crystal ball. I did gather most analysts think interest rates are going to stay where they are for a while, especially with the uncertainty of the housing market. The feds meet next week and there was a rumor they may lower rates sometime over the next 3-6 months, but I think that went out the window with this recent talk that the housing market bottomed out (that’s a another topic). What I do know is that mortgage rates over the last couple weeks have slowly been rising on most programs. When I say slowly I mean maybe 1/8 percent a week (which adds up). People in an adjustable rate will back me up when they sadly see their payments rise a bit. Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend! If you have any mortgage related questions feel free to contact me at or 805-540-0866.

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