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Good bye sunshine, hello rain! We sure had a great run of weather in January here on the central coast didn’t we? Well, just like the weather (what a lead in huh?) rates have gotten worse this week. Earlier in the month the 30 year fixed was as low as 4.75%, which is pretty much unheard of. The rate has snuck back up to 5%, which is still beyond fantastic. The 30 year fixed still has a better rate than the 5 year ARM which is about 5.25%. If you have question whether or not you would be approved for a loan, it doesn’t hurt to ask. I’d gladly help you out.

I like to try and blog on Keith’s site on Wednesdays, but last night was the 2 hour season premier of LOST, so with the 1 hour recap before hand, I spent 3 hours in front of the TV and loved every minute. I was skeptical of the show at first, but after powering through the first season, I am hooked! Sorry for the off topic diversion, but I figured the LOST fans out there would appreciate it.

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