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The Risks of Being a Realtor

Just in the past few days, there have been 2 incidents of Realtors being assaulted. One happened in Florida, the other in the SF Bay Area. In both cases it was someone saying they were interested in looking at a home.

Some Realtors are eager to please and will drop everything when someone calls them and says they want to see properties that day without getting any info from the prospective Buyer. Unfortunately in this day and age, that puts the Realtor at risk.

If a Realtor asks you questions before agreeing to meet you to show properties, don’t think that all they are doing is trying to see how real of a Buyer you are. Sure, they don’t want to waste their time if you are already working with another Realtor or have not talked to someone about a mortgage to see what you qualify for. They may also be trying to protect themselves to make sure they won’t be the next victim.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile