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RIP Surfin’ Cruiser

You might have seen my PT Cruiser with the surfboards on top of it driving around a year or two ago. Well…as of today the Cruiser is no more. I traded it in for a car for my wife. I still have the surfboards and maybe one day they will ride again!

I purchased a Nissan Murano from Coast Nissan/BMW. It was a pretty good experience until we got into the room where they have you fill out the paperwork and try to sell you the extended warranty.

Two things I didn’t like about this…
1) They had a microphone sitting on the table in front of my wife and I. They said they were videotaping the transaction but placement of the microphone told me they really wanted to hear what my wife and I said. They weren’t recording just the transaction, but the negotiation of add-on stuff too. They left the room 4 or 5 times and I wonder how many people don’t realize there is a microphone pointed at them.
2) They had a doc fee of $45 on the contract and tried to quickly go by it by saying “…and this is tax and license”. I asked if the doc fee went to the dealership and the finance manager said she didn’t know (which I thought was interesting). She checked and guess what, it was a dealership fee. That’s when my sleaze meter started to sound. I wasn’t going to pay the dealership any more than what we had agreed to (and didn’t).

BTW, my wife loves the car!

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile