Rate Update

30 Year Fixed 3.750% (3.916% APR) 15 Year Fixed 3.250% (3.380% APR) 5 Year ARM 2.750% (2.625% APR) 30 Year Jumbo 4.000% (4.168% APR).  In spite of the lowest interest rates in history, we are still able to close a straight forward refinance or a purchase loan in 30 days.  These short escrow periods require prompt responses and complete loan packages.  Did you know that the length of your lock is a determining factor in your interest rate?  Shorter lock periods are rewarded with discounted pricing because the bank has more confidence in the immediate future, one month, versus the the two month period.  I also encourage you to be forthcoming with information that might impact the loan process.  If you know that you are going to change employers, borrow money for the down payment, or buy a new car, let us know so we can make sure the loan goes smoothly.  These pitfalls can’t always be avoided, but they can be well planned and minimized.