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Quick Fix Tips: Toilets

Did you know that many common system and appliance failures can be resolved with simple quick fixes? Below I’ve listed our quick fix tips for your toilets; if you’re still experiencing a problem, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

  • Toilet runs constantly. Toilet seems to flush by itself.

A leaking flapper most likely causes both symptoms. This is the round “seal” in the bottom of the tank connected to the chain for the handle. When you depress the handle, the flapper pops up to allow the water in the tank to rush into the bowl and cause the toilet to flush.

The flapper is easily removed and replaced. The flapper costs around $2-$5 at any hardware store and will likely fix the problem. Be sure to remove the old one and match it up to the new one to assure a proper fit.

Once the flapper is replaced, adjust the toilet ball (ballcock) gently downward to lower the water level in the tank. Remove any toilet bowl cleaners from obstructing the flapper in the tank.

  • Toilet won’t flush, the handle just moves up and down.

The chain may have come off the handle arm. Re-connect the chain. Don’t forget the water in your toilet tank is fresh!

~ Quick Fix Tips provided courtesy of Old Republic Home Protection, a leader in the home warranty industry, providing superior service, comprehensive coverage and competitive pricing.

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