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Pssst…Most Virtual Tours are Never Seen

What’s great about the Internet is that you can get statistics so you know if anyone is seeing what you’re putting out there on cyberspace. This is so different than other forms of advertising like ads in newspapers and real estate magazines which you have no clue how many people actually see (and read) the ad.

With Virtual Tours, just having one doesn’t mean anyone is going to see it. What most agents do is put the virtual tour on the MLS listing. There’s a field called “Virtual Media” that the listing agent can add the address (URL) of the Virtual Tour.

I’ve done some analysis of our four recent listings where I put in a custom website as the Virtual Tour. Here’s what I’ve found….

Very few agents and Buyers look at Virtual Tours from the MLS listing!

This means that a Listing Agent is going to have to do something more than “putting the property on the MLS” if they want to get your property good exposure to Buyers.

Some agents will also tell Sellers that their home will show up on a bunch of other websites. While this is true because of what’s called “syndication” of listings that the MLS does, it also doesn’t mean Buyers are going to those sites to search for homes in our area. With Internet statistics, I’m also able to tell if anyone has viewed the Virtual Tour from any of those sites. Here’s what I’ve found about that…

NO ONE looks at the Virtual Tour from any of these sites!

So, if you’re interviewing a Listing Agent to sell your home and you want great EXPOSURE for your home, make sure to ask for Internet statistics to back up any claims the Listing Agent makes about their Internet marketing. If they can’t give you statistics, they probably don’t have a clue how to market a home on the Internet and are just telling you things that sound impressive to get you to sign a 6-month (or longer) listing agreement.

Also remember that with the way the Interent search engines work, over 99% of agent websites will never be found by Buyers either. Statistics will tell you if an agent is telling you the truth or just trying to mislead you with worthless claims and buzzwords. If they say the words “Facebook” or “Twitter” when talking about their Internet marketing service, that would be a red flag to me.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile