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Property Ladder TV Show

There’s another reality TV show about real estate called Property Ladder. I think it’s on the TLC network. The show follows “flippers”, people who buy homes, fix them up, and then try to sell them for a profit.

I’ve happened upon this show a few times and it’s a very misleading show. They don’t mention anything about the Realtors that list the home but when they show the video of the outside of the house, there is a Realtor yard sign. What they fail to do is even mention how much it is costing them to sell the home (the Realtor’s commission). When they do their analysis, it’s always; this is the price they purchased it, this is how much they put into it, and this is how much it is listed for which (if they can sell it for that price) is (this much) profit. Or, when a home does sell, they plug that number in and again say this is how much profit the flippers had.

I really don’t know why they don’t include this in the show but it’s not accurate. Profit is what the Seller walks away with in their pocket.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile