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Pismo Beach continues to have a problem with bacteria in the ocean near the pier. One thought is that it’s pigeon droppings that are causing it. Another possibility is that the city recently found a failed sewage pipe that goes under the beach. I walk my dog multiple times a week on the beach at night and don’t see pigeons but don’t know where they sleep (under the pier?). I did almost trip on a sea otter last week that washed up on the beach but don’t know if that had something to do with the bacteria.

An environmental group recently released their report on Central Coast beaches which they test. Every beach received an “A” rating, except for Pismo Beach which received a “D”.

For a city that depends on their beach to bring in tourists to fill the hotels and spend money with local businesses, they need to keep on top of their most treasured resources. I’m a bit surprised to hear that the sewage leak was found May 1st but they still haven’t started to fix it. Sounds like someone needs to cut the red tape and react a lot quicker when they find something like this.

Maybe the residents should rethink raising the sales tax by 1/2 percent so there is money to be proactive about finding and fixing broken sewer pipes and other things that could effect the things that make people come to Pismo Beach.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile