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The Panda Express in Arroyo Grande has to be one of the top producing restaurants in the chain based on how many people are always there. On Friday evening, there was a line of at least 20 people the entire time I was there eating and it’s been that way most of the time since they opened 2 years ago. If I was in the restaurant business, I’d look at opening a restaurant in Arroyo Grande as the city is short on resturant choices! There is an AppleBee’s being constructed in the Spencer Foods shopping center and Chili’s is supposed to be going in up by Trader Joes but I’ve seen no signs that they’ve started work on remodeling the building.

There is a new mexican food restaurant that opened on Grand Ave called Mexico Viejo. While AG needs some better restaurant choices, there are already plenty of Mexican food choices. I’ve been to Mexico Viejo twice since it has opened. Food was good and prices reasonable. My biggest complaint is that the food is like most everywhere else. Rice, refried beans and the usual choices (enchiladas, tacos, burritos, etc.). It would be nice if there was cilantro, onions, or other things that would add a different taste to the typical dishes. But, it’s worth a try if all your want is the typical mexican food choices.

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