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Outdoor Smoking Bans

I recently returned from the Bay Area and I’m catching up on the local news. I see that SLO is considering extending their smoking ban to include city-owned benches, sidewalks, and parks.

I’m a believer that people should be able to smoke if they want, even after knowing the health consequences. But I have a stronger opinion that other people should not have to breathe and smell other people’s smoke, especially since it’s a fact now that second hand smoke is damaging. I don’t know why some smokers are either so rude or just so stupid that they don’t understand this.

My recent experience was when I was filming the video at the Butterfly grove. What a great experience to enjoy nature by watching the butterflies with the smell of the eucalyptus trees. Unfortunately, that lasted just a few minutes as first a couple came with their toddler to look at the butterflies to only have the mom light a cigarette which filled the area with a foul odor. Then a group of teenagers (boys and girls) came and hung out on one of the fences while lighting up. I couldn’t find any area in the grove that I could escape the foul odor.

So if we need to make laws so we can put up No Smoking signs in areas to try to protect non-smokers then lets do it. They should also print a label on cigarette packs that says as a courtesy, you should not smoke within 30 feet of non-smokers.

The reason I’m blogging about this topic today is also because of the incident at the movie theater where a family was asked to be quiet and obviously decided it was their right to make noise during the movie causing someone to go out and get a gun and shoot the dad.

It’s really sad for our society when people go out in public and don’t think (or care) about the people around them….

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile