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Online home valuation

I added Cyberhomes to the Automated Home Valuation page. You can enter in an address and it will give you an assortment of information about the home and city where it’s located. With any online home valuation, you need to take the home value info presented with caution. It’s really difficult for any online system to determine valuation with the limited information these sites have about the home, the neighborhood, the comps, and the current market conditions. I entered my home into Cyberhomes and it told me that my house has appreciated almost 30% in the last few months and is at a value higher than I’ve ever seen it displayed at. I wish this was true!

I offer these tools on my site to provide you with more data points to use. Also, if you’re selling, Buyers use these tools so it’s good to know what they may think you’re home value is at, especially if your home shows a value 10-20% lower than what you think it should be at. Below the Cyberhomes window, I also have two Zillow tools you can use too. They will all display the output on the same page so you can scroll your window to compare the data presented.

I used to have another online tool that I no longer subscribe to. But, I found a form for on the net that you can try. The form is still configured to display the report immediately (vs. emailing it to you). I don’t know where the contact info you enter goes (I think it goes to a black hole) but what I would do is not enter in your contact info. For anyone that has used my services knows, I don’t do anything with your contact info but I can’t guarantee what others may do with it. So, to be safe rather than sorry, just enter in something like: b for First Name, b for Last Name, and for the email address. The form will accept these entries. Go to the form here

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