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One Realtor’s Advice

The following is from a Virginia Realtor who hired a Realtor to sell a property of his in another state. Here is his advice from a Sellers perspective (he admitted he made a wrong hiring choice).

“I learned N E V E R hire a friend, a relative, or someone you feel OBLIGATED to work with. Worst thing you can do. Whomever you hire should earn the job like anyone else. They should PROVE to you that they’re the best person for the job. They should have global exposure through their internet presence and professional and social networking channels.

They should be professional marketers who also happen to show homes occasionally.

The Realtor you hire should be accountable for the results they do or don’t produce.

The Realtor you hire should have a strong grasp of the local market, and armed with this knowledge, should be able to support very accurately the price opinion they determine is best for the sale of your home within the time frame you indicated would be ideal.

Your Realtor should be excited to be a Realtor and excited about the prospect of selling your home.

The Realtor you choose should be a full-time agent who derives their livelihood solely from the sale of real estate. No part-timers. Markets change and there’s too much to keep up with now-a-days for part-timers to be truly effective and provide the best service to you with the least liability.”

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile