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One of the benefits a licensed real estate agent receives by joining the Realtor Association is that you have access to forms to use in a transaction. For us here on the Central Coast, these forms come from the California Association of Realtors (CAR).

There is a team of lawyers working for CAR plus committees that look to keep updating the forms to better protect all involved in the transaction. Just a few years ago, the forms were provided in hard copy to Brokers (a 3-part form with the 3rd copy hard to read). CAR quit making these available and forms are now only available online (from a place called Winforms).

One big advantage is that the forms can be revised without having to waste paper which is what happened with the hard copy forms. For example, following is a list of the forms that are being revised on November 5th. If you are presented with an old hard copy form…ASK FOR A RECENT ONE! The only thing I can think would be worse is using the forms you can buy at Office Max.

New Form-
Short Sale Addendum (SSA)

Revised Forms-
Buyer Representation Agreement Exclusive (Right to Represent) (BRE)
Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure (AVID)
Manufactured Home Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions (MHPA)
Movie In/Move Out Inspection (MIMO)
Modification of Terms: Authorization and Right to Sell, Acquire or Rent (MT)
Notice of Termination of Tenancy (NTT)
California Residential Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions (RPA-CA)
Request for Repairs (RR)
Seller Property Questionnaire (SPQ)
Trust Bank Account Record for All Trust Funds Deposited and Withdrawn (TAA)
Trust Bank Account Record for Each Beneficiary (TAB)
Trust Bank Account for Each Property Managed (TAP)
Vacant Land Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions (VLPA)
Water Heater & Smoke Detector Statement of Compliance (WHSD)

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