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Ok, I’ve now been running the new Microsoft Vista operating system for a few days. My recommendation…WAIT! I’ve run into numerous problems with both software and hardware. Some vendors, like HP, say they will have new printer drivers for Vista available in January 2007. Well, it’s February and they don’t have it yet. Printing flyers today took almost 2 hours when it used to take about 10 minutes, plus it wouldn’t print double sided because the printer driver doesn’t support it.

What really is bad is that it takes about 7-10 minutes to boot. My XP system was taking a couple minutes to boot which is why I thought I’d try upgrading to Vista. I’m not sure if Vista is better on new systems that don’t have all the programs that I have on my computer but I’d wait to buy a new computer until Microsoft comes out with Service Pack 1, plus give time for the software and hardware vendors to fix their incompatibilities.

As soon as I have a day to work on it, I plan to reformat my harddrive and install XP from scratch (you can’t deinstall Vista if you upgrade from XP). I usually buy a new computer every other year but will wait until the end of this year before I buy anything with Vista on it. Dell doesn’t give you an option to have XP installed instead.

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