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Nipomo Listing Pending Sale!

You can still sell a non-REO home quick in this market as we just proved with the Nipomo listing. 2 Days on the market with multiple offers!!

And…the Buyer found out about it from too.

Just proves that if you price it right, present it well, and market it to get as much exposure as you can, a home WILL sell. With the way the Internet and search engines work, 99+% of real estate websites will never be seen. These days, if you list with a Realtor that doesn’t have great Internet exposure, it’s like putting your home under a rock and hoping people will find it. Unfortunately, many sellers don’t realize this and are listing their homes with agents that are trying to sell homes using the same marketing service they used years ago. By the time sellers realize this, their home has already been on the market for awhile and are locked into a multi-month listing agreement. Plus, most homes that have been on the market for awhile have lost value so the Realtor’s listing service has actually COST the seller money. Just because a Realtor may have sold a lot of homes 3-5 years ago doesn’t mean they know how to sell in today’s market and Internet-era.

Our websites continue to increase with visitors. We’re averaging over 11,000 property searches/views a DAY!

If you are looking to sell your home, please invite us to present our listing service to you. I’ve developed a listing service to get the MOST MONEY in the Seller’s pocket which should be the #1 goal of any listing service.

Unlike other agents, we don’t take every listing that comes our way. To become a Keith Byrd Team listing, there is a set of criteria that we require. We want to make sure that when Buyers and other agents see a Keith Byrd Team Listing, they know it’s a good listing.

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