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The "Newest" New Listings

If you go to the New Listings Report and click on the MLS # of new listings from yesterday, it may reply with a “property not found” message. There’s a problem syncing up the listing information between multiple sources that I use. The vendor that provides the property details piece is not updating the listing data as fast as the program I have that creates the New Listing Report. I’ve contacted the vendor and hope that they will be updating their listing data earlier in the day.

Unfortunately, I’m doing things that no other Realtors are doing so vendors don’t realize they may be messing something up when they do something like delaying when they update listing info. Most Realtors only have one MLS search product they get from a vendor and they don’t do any custom reports on their website. So, it doesn’t matter to other Realtors when the listing data is updated.

I’m pushing the envelope on a lot of things I do with my websites and unfortunately run into things like the above situation when I try to integrate products from multiple sources. Most of the time, I can get vendors to understand what I’m trying to do and change their processes so it doesn’t affect what I’m offering to you all.

I could change my program to not create the New Listings Report until later in the day but then you wouldn’t see the most current info. Until I can get the vendor to update their data earlier, you can always contact us if you see a New Listing on the report and want more details.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile