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New Times cover page article creates quite a stir

The latest issue of New Times has an article about Meth use. While it starts off with an interview with a meth addict, it then details how to make Meth yourself. Not only does it give the ingredients, it tells you what store to get them at and what they cost. It advises you to tell a certain store that you’re making homemade soap in order to get one chemical. It also gives tips on how not to get caught by suggesting to tape up your doors and windows so the neighbors won’t smell your meth lab. Then it describes in 3 or 4 bullet points how great the drug will make you feel and how much money you can make by producing it yourself, before it lists the negatives about addiction and health risks.

The Tribune has yet to make any comment on this article but the local TV news has. The reports on KSBY the past two days tell of people removing all the New Times issues from the news stands. New Times read a statement saying that the recipe was available on the Internet as part of their justification in printing the cover page article.

My wife teaches at a local Community School for at-risk kids. On Friday, a student was reading this issue of New Times at school. Most of these kids don’t have Internet access so the argument that because the info was on the Internet it’s ok to print seems weak to me.

Hopefully, what good that will come out of this will be increased awareness of Meth use around SLO County rather than more addicts trying to bake home-cooked Meth themselves in our neighborhoods.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile