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New Interactive “Dashboard” Coming Soon!

For those of you that have wondered why I haven’t been updating the site with median home prices, it’s because I’ve been working on the next-generation statistics reporting tool to offer to our clients. My goal since I started my real estate business was to help our clients make an informed decision when Buying or Selling property on the Central Coast since a home purchase is one of the largest financial transactions most people will make in their lifetime. Our websites(s) provide one part while our experienced team of agents provide the the other piece in our overall service offering.

Now more than ever, knowing what is going on in the market is critical information for Home Buyers and Sellers. While you can easily spend hours analyzing data you can find (if you can find any), I wanted to offer something that provided up-to-date information but was easy-to-use and didn’t require an accounting degree to understand. I originally was only going to make the dashboards available to the agents on my team to use but feel that our clients can also benefit greatly from this information.

I’m in the final stages of testing our new Interactive Dashboard that uses state-of-the-art technology to present what is going on in the Central Coast real estate market. I know of no other Realtor/Brokerage in the entire U.S. that has implemented this technology to assist their clients.

Below is a screenshot from one of the new Interactive Dashboards. This one shows the Foreclosure mix for SLO County for each month this year. You will be able to put your mouse over any part of the chart to see the detail information too. You will be able to choose to view the information by SLO County or any individual city. You can also choose what property type you would like to see graphed too. You can also choose to see what is happening in each month for the current year or look at the statistics by year from 2000-on.


At the bottom of the dashboard you can choose what information you want to see. For this dashboard, in addition to the Foreclosure mix you can choose Total # of Sales, Median Home Price, Selling Price/List Price Percentage, Average $/sq ft, and Days on Market.

We will be announcing the availability of our interactive dashboards and additional services for our clients within the next month.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile