New eateries coming to downtown SLO

If you didn’t already know it, both Cisco’s and Flame Bay that were in the Network are gone and two new eateries are scheduled to open soon, according to today’s Tribune.

This seems like such a great place for an eatery with the outside patio by the creek. Remember the Spindle that was there before Cisco’s?

What would be really great is if they brought back the Wine Street Inn. Actually, just bring back the fondue and I’d be happy.

Going down memory lane, here are some other downtown places that I have fond memories of from the 80’s:
– Cigar Factory
– The Dark Room
– Tortilla Flats
– Woodstock’s in the original location
– Osos Street Subs
– (non-food) Korb’s Trading Post and Sub/Cheap Thrills up the stairs
– Scrubby and Lloyds
– KZOZ when it was in the now Army surplus store at Marsh/Higuera
– 1865 (maybe not downtown downtown, but close enough)
– The Assembly Line
– Shakey’s Pizza Bunch-A-Lunch
– A place that I had my first pita pocket at (can’t remember the name, it was in the back of another store on Higuera)

My wife liked Chocolate Soup too.