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New Coupon Site for Local Businesses

We’ve tested our coupon site and things seem to be working pretty well so we’re ready for the official announcement!

Go to and click on “Coupons”.   I’d like to thank Stacked Sandwiches, KK’s Gourmet Bundt Cakes, and Tomasko’s Salt Water Taffy for testing out our new software to make sure things were working ok.

I’ve seen numerous attempts at Internet coupon sites over the years with little success. The main problem with previous attempts is that the coupon web sites didn’t already have traffic going to them.  We’re different in that we already have a substantial amount of visitors to our websites and blog.  For May, we had a total of 40,392 unique visitors to our two main websites and blog. We also receive lots of traffic from search engine searches. In May, we had 14,873 visitors that found one of our sites through Google, Yahoo, etc.  We don’t know of too many other Central Coast websites that receive this many visitors (and we’re still growing!!).

We’ve also eliminated another obstacle to making a coupon site successful in that we don’t charge a business to be on our site.  Yep…it’s FREE. We just ask that that business spread the word about Local

The coupon system will automatically remove a coupon that has expired too. I hate going to a coupon site only to find coupons that have already expired!

Another difference with our coupon site is that the businesses we will be adding will need to be invited to participate.  If you know of a business that provides a good product and service that you’d like to recommend to be on our site, let us know! You can use the “Contact Us” form or just send me an email ( We’re not limiting the businesses to the categories we currently have on the coupon site. We can add whatever category we chose to.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile