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Need Computer Accessories?

If you have purchased computer, ethernet, or video cables at Best Buy you’ll know they aren’t cheap.  The best place I’ve found for cables is Fry’s. The problem is the closet one to the Central Coast is in Oxnard.  I have found that the Cal Poly bookstore also has decent prices on cables. They have video cables too so it may be worth a visit for you to see how much you can save.

When I was there today, I overhead an employee talking to a student about purchasing a Mac. They said that if they purchase it at Cal Poly vs. a SLO Mac/Apple store, they’d save on the sales tax as Cal Poly is 8.25% and SLO is 8.75% (that would be a savings of $5 on a $1000 computer).

I wondered what the sales tax rates were currently in other cities so looked it up and I’m including it below.


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