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My New Gadget – Logitech Revue (Google TV)

I picked up a Logitech Revue at Best Buy a few days ago. The Revue is a repackaged Google TV. When they first came on the market last year, they were $299.  They went down to $199 and at the beginning of this month, they reduced the price again to $99.

The Revue is a an Internet computer that uses your TV as the display.  The Logitech comes with a keyboard controller, complete with mouse pad, and it even can control the volume of my TV too.

The reason I got the Revue is because I wanted to see the last month of the baseball season. Being a Giants fan, the only time I get to see games on TV is when they play the Dodgers or when they are on a National game (like ESPN). I was looking at a Raku to stream MLB games to my TV but I’ve read it some forums that they their buffering isn’t the best. The Revue uses Google’s Chrome browser. It’s a full browser and supports flash too as I tested it on our real estate dashboards and they loaded and worked just fine.  Having the mouse pad makes it real easy to navigate and the keyboard allows you to type in the website addresses and whatever else you needed to input.  I also want to watch the Sharks on my TV when their season starts which the Revue will allow me to do.

It’s real easy to set the Revue up. They include a HDMI cable so you just hook it into your HD TV. It has both wireless ethernet and a wired ethernet port. I already had a hub sitting next to my TV that my Blu Ray is connected to,  so connecting another ethernet cable was a snap.

I have used my Blu Ray to access Netflix but the Revue’s included Netflix app is MUCH better and the keyboard controller makes it even easier.  Trying to type using a TV remote control one letter at a time is painfully slow.

Some day, Google is supposed to add an Android store so you can add apps to the Revue. The Revue can also switch between cable TV and Internet video or browser but you need to hook a cable box to it (via HDMI).  I’m just using basic cable in the room I have the Revue so I’m not using this feature.

If it wasn’t for my desire to watch live sports games on my TV, I’d still be watching Netflix through my Blu Ray.  But for $99, it’s doing what I want as I’m sitting here typing this while watching the Giants try to stop their losing streak (it’s 3-1 Cubs in the 6th).

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