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Music and Food!

My wife and I just got back from seeing the Bangles and Heart at the Greek Theater in LA. It was perfect weather (Friday night) and while we started the drive after my wife was done teaching (3:00) on a Friday afternoon, we didn’t hit any traffic nightmares and got there on time!

The grainy photo above of Susanna Hoffs isn’t that great but we did have a good time.

I used Priceline for a room and got the Beverly Hilton for $100. I’ve had a lot of success with Priceline BUT have found one big negative with them. The parking fee is not added into the room price. So when you bid $100 and get a room, the parking fee isn’t included. For the Beverly Hilton, it was an outrageous cost of $29 to self-park for the 12 hours we were there. I’ve had the same thing happen in Seattle and the Bay Area too. I previously called Priceline on this and their position is that parking is an incidental fee like long distance phone calls and not part of the room charge. Priceline is a hit or miss on the parking charge but once they accept your bid, you’re stuck with that hotel. So…just be aware of this if you use Priceline bidding service in areas where there is a parking charge (like downtown areas of bigger cities).

On the way back today, we stopped at a Lazy Dog Cafe in Thousand Oaks for lunch. Mmmmmm….yummy. Wish there was something like this on the Central Coast.

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