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Movie Opening at the Palm

There’s a movie opening at the Palm tomorrow that I’d highly recommend. It’s called “Let the Right One In” and is about a kid that’s bullied by some classmates that has a kid vampire move in next door. The movie trailer makes it look like this is some action-packed gory vampire movie like 30 Days of Night but most all those scenes are quick and most are in the trailer. It really focuses on the relationship between the two 12-year olds.

It’s a Swedish movie with English subtitles. I don’t remember the last movie I saw with subtitles but the movie isn’t heavy with dialog and the subtitles didn’t take away that much from the movie.

I read that some American movie company is going to remake it but I doubt that it have the same feel as this one when you add the Hollywood special effects for the gore.

There’s one other thing I read that is in the book but not made clear in the movie. The vampire is really a boy. Eli is short for Elijah (or something like that). Eli was attacked by a gang where he was castrated. I know that doesn’t sound pleasing but if you go see the movie, a couple parts of the movie will make more sense to you.

Check it out at the Palm!

Here’s the trailer for it

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