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Morro Bay Round-About

(submitted by one of our North Coast agents)

We now have a most appealing entrance to our city at Morro Bay Blvd/Highway 1. Although most of the construction was completed in the autumn of last year, the final paving and landscaping was done early this year and now… as of last week- the work in progress signs are down! I guess this means it is official.

I love the way this round-about allows me to yield and flow with traffic. The previous three stop signs were certainly more stop and start- and frankly- somewhat confusing at times.

You can use this round about during your next visit to Morro Bay. Exit Highway 1, onto Morro Bay Blvd. If you want to shop at Albertsons, the Cookie Crock or Rite-Aid, veer to your right. If you are heading into town or to the Embarcadero- go half way round and continue forward. Want to go to Montana de Oro or Los Osos? Circle round to 9:00 and veer right. Change your mind and need to get back onto the highway? Make a 180 circle and you are back to the highway entrance.

How fortunate are we? If there are three cars in front of us- we think traffic is heavy!

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile