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Majority of Agents not making a living selling real estate

I just received an invoice for Realtor dues for next year ($523). This has been a couple tough years for Realtors on the Central Coast. Not only the reduction in the number of sales but also the changes the industry is going through with the Internet.

I ran a report on the number of home/condo sales on the Central Coast from January – November of this year and looked at the number of transactions where an agent represented the Buyer. This is out of over 2700 agents on the Central Coast.

– OVER HALF (53%) of Realtors on the Central Coast haven’t had a SINGLE SALE to Buyers so far in 2009.

– Only 30% of Realtors have had 2 or more Buyer sales.

– 10% of Realtors have had 5 or more Buyer sales.

I would have to believe that some Realtors are going to think twice about paying the annual Realtor dues if they aren’t even making enough sales to pay the dues.

I’m happy to report that agents on the Keith Byrd Team are in the Top 10%. One of our agents is currently number 2 for Buyer sales amongst all agents on the Central Coast (with 23) only 3 behind the #1 spot. We’ll see if December sales will put them into the #1 spot for the year!

When you’re looking for a Realtor to help you buy a home, make sure you ask for a list of the transactions they have had this year. It doesn’t matter how many years someone has had their real estate license as it’s a brand new ballgame. There are a lot of agents that did well in the 1990’s and bubble years that haven’t been able to figure out how to sell in this market or just don’t want to put in the effort to change with the times.

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