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The Maintenance Dredging of the Morro Bay Harbor Continues

(submitted by one of our North Coast agents)

As you read in my November 19th Blog, in order to keep the Morro Bay Harbor safe for large hulled boats, the built up silt is dredged and piped up the beach where it is deposited and used to re-build the shoreline.

The process appears to be going well! The equipment has now been moved farther south down the beach and is now about parallel to the Cloisters ocean viewing deck area. The beach farther north has grown! And contrary to the concern of a possible unpleasant odor- I have not noticed any.

When the silt is flowing through the pipes, I have noticed that there is always a work person on site to oversee the process. As the silt rushes through the pipes- it makes a sound that is a cross between car tires traveling over a gravel road and small brass buttons clanging around in a clothes dryer. The birds seem to LOVE it! They gather near, doing what bids do to show their enjoyment-as the silty water rushes out of the pipes onto the shore.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile