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Mac Book for College

With two of my daughters graduating from high school tomorrow, it’s time to get them ready to go to college. For a graduation gift, I promised both of them a laptop. One of my daughters wanted a Mac, the other didn’t really care.

I’ve been looking at Mac’s and seeing what educational promotions the college bookstores were having that they are going to attend. I ended up buying 2 Mac Books yesterday from the downtown SLO Mac store and thought I’d share this in case any of you are looking for a good deal on a Mac.

The Mac store will honor educational pricing and promotions. All you need to do is show them a school ID or the acceptance letter. Two days ago, Apple announced some new Mac Books so the one’s they are replacing have gone down in price.

We ended up getting the 13″ Mac Book with aluminum case. It was $1299, lowered to $1099 as of yesterday. It also had a $100 educational discount which brought it down to $999. They also have $100 rebates on printers so if you get a $99 printer, you’ll get that back in the rebate so it’s really close to a free printer (tax brings it over $100).

In addition, they have a promotion that if you buy a Mac for college, you get a free IPod Touch (actually it’s any IPOD you want). This too is a rebate so you’ll pay the tax on the $229 IPod Touch.

What’s nice about the Mac Store is that the guy helping us filled out the rebate info online for us so we left without having to remember to do that.

So, a MacBook, an IPod Touch, and a printer for a total cost around $1050. Not bad!

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile