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Listing a square footage when selling a home is getting riskier, legally speaking. Because people have sued when the square footage quoted wasn’t correct, some Realtors will no longer put the square footage in the listing. One problem is that there isn’t an agreed upon way of measuring square footage. The following is from a discussion on this topic.

“We’ve had architects and appraisers provide insight and they do not agree. For example: architects measure from the outside of the wall to the outside of the wall. Appraiser and Realtors usually only measure from wall to wall and in many instances fail to allow for unused space like closets, stairwells and other storage areas. The total area is usually easier to ascertain, as you can measure the foundation including garages, entry ways and patios. “

So, if you are looking at a home and don’t find the square footage mentioned, this may be the reason why.

Written by Keith Byrd - Go to Keith's Website/Profile